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January, 2024 

Dear Friends:   

Some bad news to start the new year!  Cholera is a great worry in this part of the world.  Some outbreaks in the past have claimed hundreds of lives on the Zambian Copperbelt!  So when an outbreak occurred in Lusaka over Christmas, the Ministry of Health was taking no chances! 

 “Educational Institutions will remained closed through January!  Zambia will delay the start of its school year 
  echoing measures taken in January 2018, as cholera deaths in the southern African nation climb.  School re-openings 
 have been suspended until at least Jan. 29 as part of steps to contain the outbreak that’s infected 4,097 people and 
 killed 150 countrywide since October... The highest daily rate was reported on Thursday with 23 deaths…. 

But what to do?  We were just about to welcome a fresh intake of Full Time Students!  Would we have to go back to Online teaching again?  

Better news was to follow!  We were exempted!  The Ministry follow-up said “only public schools would remain closed” while Colleges and Universities could resume studies.  We’re so thankful… we can open on Monday — and certainly continue to pray for protection on the campus.

So our Trans-Africa Christian University will come back to life next week!   And a very busy semester awaits!  Gabriel Mumba, our ViceChancellor will be welcoming a fresh intake of students along with our fine team of Faculty & Staff: Chibangu; Beauty; Cris Lupia; Mumbi Kashiwa; Victor Lukonsolo and ourselves.  What a great team of former students we get to work with!

Plenty of challenges ahead!  Not just teaching and counselling, but administrative meetings related to management systems, accounting, promotions; upgraded website; personnel….

But what a wonderful response to our Christmas offering!   While awaiting final tabulations, we can definitely say that we have reached our target of $21,000 dollars — and it may well have been surpassed!  This is more than wonderful! 

We’re so thankful!  These generous gifts at such a critical time — when inflation has nearly doubled the cost of everything!  It’s just awesome.
This means a well-stocked Cafeteria for a new year — always a priority!
A fresh layer of laterite on all the rain-beaten roads!
Graduate Studies funding for Lukonsolo, Kashiwa and Cris Lupiya
This means urgent help delivered to some fledgling and growing church plants!
 This means a sound system for our graduate Benson Munchini (who says you cannot plant a church in Zambia without one!)  
Campus renovations on Immanuel Flats and “The Titanic” Mens’ Dormitory!
Conservation Agriculture program invigorated!
Renovations to our Barnabas Youth Centre!

In short, this is like an infusion of fresh life for the campus at a most needed time.  

From Zambia, a large Twatotela Mukwai, Lesa Amapale (“Thank you so much and may God bless you!).

2024!  May yours be very happy and very blessed!

 John & Ruth


Feb 2022
 – Crystal Krogman’s update


Kerrent Events - Aug2021

May 1, 2021

Dear Friends:

The ‘real’ highlight of yesterday’s Grad Ceremonies was not our row of distinguished guests, even though they took great pains to make sure nothing was left unsaid.  Nor was it the happy crowd of well-wishers who gathered despite all the protocols of The Virus...


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