McJoyful Christmas Barnabas Group Refreshing In Rotan Bridging China & Africa Bridging China & Africa TRANS-AFRICA CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY C 365 Live Stream Children of Hope

McJoyful Christmas

Another HUGE success this year! Altogether over 3,000 children were treated to a Happy Meal, games and a party celebrating Jesus' birthday!

Barnabas Group

Starting in March we'll be hosting a new “Barnabas Bible Academy” for the six months March to August, 2024. This will be a 3-4 hour teaching session focusing on the Pauline Epistles.

Refreshing In Rotan

Started as a K-grade 6 school, it's now on target for opening grade 7, 8 and 9. With your help, this school will provide a quality bilingual program up to grade 12.

Bridging China & Africa

The ministry owns and operates a large property which includes several building and an egg production operation which is re-investing within the community.

Bridging China & Africa

Bridge Cultural Centre (BCC). The Sierra Leone Judiciary Team Attending Our Summit. Guests from Hong Kong, Canada and other parts of Africa were present.


Leadership training for community transformation; a centre of spiritual life; a place of partnership between Zambia and Canada

C 365 Live Stream

Pastor Jordan Tetley


Children of Hope

Continues to provide support to about 125 needy children in Indonesia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Zambia.

Our Mission

"Caring for the Needy Through Christ-like love and compassion."

Our Ministries

Our Ministries Focus On Helping Orphans,
Church Planting, McJoyful Christmas, 
Seniors, Children Of Hope & More

Thrift Store

The Thrift Store receives donations of clothing, medical supplies, furniture etc.
We sort and package humanitarian aid for distribution.